Month: November 2020

Esketamine vs Ketamine: What’s the Difference?

Nov 30, 2020

Living with treatment-resistant unipolar major depression can be extremely overwhelming and discouraging. Recently, ketamine and esketamine emerged as new treatment options for unipolar major depression and suicidal ideation. Providers may recommend ketamine or esketamine for depressed patients who have failed to respond to traditional treatments like antidepressant medications and psychotherapy. Ketamine therapy can provoke a […]

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Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

Nov 15, 2020

If you struggle with stress, then you know mental challenges can create physical pain. Stress can cause all sorts of symptoms, ranging from migraines to stomach aches. But can stress cause back pain? The answer might surprise you. Below, we’ll explain the connection between stress and backaches. We’ll also give you some tips for finding relief.

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