Ketamine therapy can be a very useful tool for those with mental health concerns. However, it is still a very misunderstood treatment option. Below, we’ll share 5 facts about ketamine for mental health that patients should know about.

1- It Works for a Variety of Conditions

If you have multiple conditions, then ketamine therapy can be a very useful tool. This is a treatment that is used for a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. The drug can reduce chronic pain and other physical symptoms while also helping you manage your mental health.

2- There Are Fewer Side Effects

While there are many effective drug therapies for mental illnesses, many come with side effects. For some patients, these side effects are so unpleasant that they cannot tolerate taking the drug. Ketamine therapy is known for having very few side effects, making it a great option for patients with this concern.

3- It’s Effective for Treatment-Resistant Depression

While some patients struggle with side effects from their mental health drugs, others simply don’t find their drugs to be effective. Ketamine therapy has been proven to help patients with treatment-resistant depression find the relief that they need.

4- It Can Usually Be Combined With Other Treatments

Of course, many people do take antidepressants (or other mental health drugs) and find them to be effective. Ketamine therapy can usually be combined with these other treatments. For some patients, this leads to a more holistic healing journey. Of course, this all depends on the individual and their medications, so talk to your doctor before you combine any medications.

5- You’ll Feel Immediate Benefits

Some drugs take weeks- or even months- to begin working. However, ketamine provides users with immediate relief. Patients will begin to feel better during their first infusion and can expect similar results in their subsequent treatments.

Get The Facts About Ketamine

You deserve to learn about all possible treatment options for your mental health. At Balanced Ketamine, our team is here to help you understand the facts about ketamine therapy. Book a consultation today to learn if ketamine is right for you. Click the link above to contact our team today.

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