What do you know about infusions for chronic pain? If you’re like many patients, then you might not know much. While this treatment is becoming more popular, it is still unknown to many patients. Below, we’ll share 5 things you should know about infusions for chronic pain.

1- Infusion Therapy is Easy To Use

Infusion therapy is given to patients through a small IV, which is put in place by a medical professional. This means that patients don’t need to worry about taking the right medication or monitoring their dosages. All they need to do is sit back and relax.

2- It Can Treat a Variety of Conditions

Infusions are one simple treatment that can help a variety of people. This therapy is used to treat many different types of chronic pain, from migraine headaches to neuropathy to arthritis discomfort. Plus, IV treatments can also be used to treat mental pain, such as depression, OCD, or PTSD.

3- It’s More Convenient Than Other Options

Most medications need to be taken daily, while some must be taken multiple times per day. Infusion therapy is administered less frequently, which makes it more convenient for patients. No more worrying about missing pills or trips to the pharmacy!

4- Infusions Often Have Fewer Side Effects

IV drugs often have fewer side effects than oral drugs. This is because they do not pass through the digestive system. Therefore, IVs are often a good option for patients who have side effects from other medications.

5- There are Different Types of Infusions

There are different types of infusion therapy available, which makes it easy to an option to fit your needs. At Balanced Ketamine, we offer ketamine infusions, because they are safe, effective, and easy on patients’ bodies. Explore our website to learn more about ketamine and its benefits.

Infusions for Chronic Pain in Kansas City

Balanced Ketamine offers ketamine infusions in our convenient Overland Park office. Our medical experts will work with you to create a treatment plan specifically designed for your chronic pain. Whether you are suffering physically or mentally, ketamine therapy can help. Call us today to learn more!

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