As relaxing as ketamine infusion therapy is, it takes a lot to prepare for it. Your mind, body, and soul should all be ready for the treatment, especially since ketamine is a strong substance. Although not harmful, it can make you lightheaded and put you in a loopy headspace for a while. That is why it is necessary to be well-rested and comfortable during a ketamine treatment. In this blog, you will find all the different ways you can do just that, so make sure you read till the end to learn more!

How To Prepare For A Ketamine Treatment

If you’re getting ready for your first-ever ketamine infusion therapy, you’re probably wondering what to expect or how you can prepare yourself. The best way to find that out is by consulting your specialist.

Based on your medical history, they will provide instructions to keep you up to pace. Mentioned below are some of these guidelines that you can follow to get ready for a ketamine infusion treatment.

  1. Be Well Rested
    Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important when you have a ketamine infusion session the next day. It rejuvenates your mind and body, ensuring the treatment goes well without you getting tired or drowsy in the middle of the treatment.
  2. Do Not Eat or Drink Anything Before The Appointment
    One of the side effects of ketamine infusion is nausea and vomiting. Thus, to avoid such scenarios, eating and drinking at least six hours beforehand is better so there is nothing in your stomach during the infusion.
  3. Wear Comfortable Clothing
    You will have to sit still for 2 to 3 hours as the IV slowly enters your bloodstream. For this, dressing comfortably is the best way to loosen up and watch the time pass.
  4. Be Prepared Mentally
    A lot of people report feeling nervous before the big treatment. However, there is nothing to worry about. Meditation can be a big help when mentally calming yourself. Watch relaxing videos, listen to ASMR or anything that soothes you.
  5. Have Someone Drive You Home After The Treatment
    Lastly, having a ride to and from the clinic is crucial. Even if you can drive yourself to the appointment, returning is an issue, as you cannot drive post-treatment. Having someone else drive you is an absolute must.

During The Treatment

Now that you know how to prepare yourself, it is also just as important to understand the limits of each session. For instance, during a ketamine infusion treatment, you are asked to sit or lie down on a comfortable recliner as an IV is hooked to your arm.

Usually, someone is present in the room throughout the session. However, to take your mind off of things and curb nervousness, you can take part in the following soothing activities.

  1. Listen to Music
    Avoid songs with lyrics. Stick to classical or soothing jazz music.
  2. Write or Draw in a Journal
    If it helps, you can write in a journal, color, or draw to keep your brain occupied.
  3. Keep a Cooling Eye Mask
    Gel eye masks are great to have on hand, given the long time of the session.

Schedule An Appointment Today!

All in all, preparing for a ketamine treatment is not that hard. As long as you’re well-rested, dressed comfortably, and haven’t had anything to eat or drink 6 hours before the session, you’re all good. The treatment will be over before you realize it.

Nevertheless, if you have further queries, feel free to contact Balanced Ketamine at (913) 871-9888 for more information. You can also drop by our clinic to schedule an in-person appointment at 6700 W 121st St Ste 300 A1, Overland Park, KS 66209, United States.

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