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Can You Combine Other Medicines With Ketamine Therapy?

Feb 15, 2024

Ketamine infusion therapy has recently been making the rounds as one of the most promising and effective treatment methods for mental health conditions. Be it depression, anxiety, ADHD, or PTSD, ketamine is a wonderful option to consider. However, despite its plus points, most people wonder whether or not you can take other medications and antidepressants […]

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Is Ketamine Addictive When Used For Depression?

Jan 30, 2024

With its recent popularity, ketamine infusion has seen a lot of positive moments, especially in terms of helping mental disorders and providing the necessary therapy. However, where there is good, there is also the bad. Oftentimes, our patients ask us whether ketamine can be addictive, especially when it is just being used for depression. Despite […]

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How Does Ketamine Affect Your Brain?

Jan 15, 2024

When it comes to treating pain, be it physical or mental, ketamine infusion is the treatment to consider. These days, ketamine has been gaining a lot of recognition for its benefits and effects on the brain, especially regarding pain management. However, since it is still under study, not many people know about its results. But […]

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How is Ketamine Different From Antidepressants?

Dec 30, 2023

Mental health has progressed a lot in recent years, with countless treatments surfacing. The most common — and widely preferred — form of treatment is antidepressant. Paired with routine therapy, antidepressants can help tone down intense symptoms of depression and anxiety. But if there is one thing that beats antidepressants, it’s ketamine infusion therapy. Ketamine […]

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Is It Okay To Eat Before a Ketamine Infusion Session?

Dec 15, 2023

While the purpose of ketamine infusion therapy is to relax you and take away all your pain, it is still important to prepare for the treatment beforehand. Ketamine is a medically approved anesthetic that has great transformative effects, especially on the receptors of the brain. It carries the patient in a dissociative state, which effectively […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need Someone for Support During Ketamine Therapy

Nov 30, 2023

Ketamine therapy is a big decision, especially when you are scheduled to get it for the first time. However, before you start the journey, it is essential to know what to expect and which steps to take beforehand. Most of our patients wonder if they should come to the appointment alone or bring someone with […]

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3 Signs You Need Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Anxiety

Nov 15, 2023

Have you ever felt your breathing suddenly turn shallow? As if every breath you take is a chore? Maybe it’s the sweat gathering in your palms or your heart racing in your chest. In times like these, you might lose your ability to focus on the most mundane of activities — but that is when […]

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Is Ketamine a Psychedelic?

Oct 30, 2023

Ketamine infusion therapy has been getting a lot of attention these days, especially for mental health purposes. Given its strong mind-altering effects, ketamine has been compared to various psychedelic drugs. However, ketamine has years of research and safe usage guidelines to back it up. It is important to keep in mind, though, that depending on […]

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World Mental Health Day 2023

Oct 10, 2023

10th October 1992 — That was the first time the world came together to celebrate and shed light on the importance of mental health. Ever since then, the day has been cemented into history, garnering recognition on a global scale. Countries all over the world band together on this day to advocate for mental health […]

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Who is Not a Good Candidate For Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Sep 30, 2023

These days, ketamine therapy has emerged as a promising treatment for a variety of mental health conditions. Be it depression, anxiety, PTSD, or bipolar disorder, ketamine is a likely treatment option for all. But no matter how amazing its benefits and results might be, there are some limitations that need to be taken into account, […]

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