Ketamine infusion is a medically approved treatment which supposedly targets the neurotransmitters which result in bringing relief and peace in patients. This treatment is suited well for patients who share concerns for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, post traumatic disorders or injury. Ketamine infusions remain effective with persistent sessions or medication resistant symptoms.

What Can You Expect During Your Ketamine Infusion Appointment

Upon discussing relative symptoms of patients, an IV solution is prepared to insert into the body. The IV is inserted through the cannula so the medication reaches directly into the bloodstream. This procedure is undertaken by medical professionals under a highly controlled environment and supervised expertise. In the initial consultation you can talk about your desired goals and concerns so that your healthcare provider can formulate a treatment plan that has visible results.

As far as being high is concerned, ketamine is a psychedelic medication which can create an altered sense of consciousness where your body and mind do not coordinate. However, medical professionals can help control dosages over your treatment span so patients don’t override the effects of it. Some of the common ketamine effects include:

  • Lightness
  • Floating
  • Calmness
  • Less weight on their body
  • Visions of images, shapes, or colors

When we say ketamine infusions are highly supervised and controlled, mental and cognitive states do not reach a ‘high’ per say. While ketamine is known to produce hallucinogens and dissociative effects at higher doses, medical professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and skill to demarcate a line between its therapeutic benefits without inducing the feeling of being high.

The main purpose of introducing ketamine infusions is to alleviate physical, mental, cognitive symptoms related to trauma and state of being unwell.

Positive Effects of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

In this section, we will explain some of the common benefits you can avail through ketamine infusion therapy in Kansas City.

  • Ketamine is said to treat recurrent episodes of depression, anxiety and chronic stress through its antidepressant Relative treatment opted by patients with
  • Reduces suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
  • Ketamine infusion helps get relief from chronic pain.
  • Improved mental clarity and memory.
  • It has relatively less visible side effects as compared to medications.

Final Words

If you are looking to get a medical opinion on Ketamine Infusion Therapy in Kansas City, our expert professionals at Balanced Ketamine can curate personalized advice and treatment plans for you. Call us on (913) 871-988.

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