As you probably know, ketamine therapy is usually given to patients with an IV. However, many patients wonder if the treatment can be administered in other ways. For instance, can you take ketamine orally? In this article, we’ll explore the different ways of taking ketamine so you can choose the best treatment for your needs.

Why Are IVs Used for Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy is most commonly given with an IV. There are a few different reasons for this. Firstly, IVs make it easy for doctors to control your ketamine dose and monitor your treatment. This way, they can make sure your treatment is working- and that your side effects are under control. IVs also work quicker. While oral drugs need to be broken down in the stomach, IVs deliver drugs straight to the blood stream. Plus, infusion therapy is a relaxing experience. It gives many patients the chance to slow down, recharge, and focus on their health.

Can You Take Ketamine Orally?

Of course, IVs aren’t a good choice for everyone. Some patients are afraid of needles, whereas others simply find oral drugs easier to take. So you might be wondering- can you take ketamine orally? While it’s not as common as infusion therapy, ketamine is sometimes prescribed as oral medication, injections, or nasal sprays. However, it might be harder for patients to find these treatments as they are not as popular.

Choosing the Right Treatment

While we recommend IV infusion therapy, we understand that all patients have different needs. There are various ketamine therapies available to suit a wide range of needs. Of course, there are plenty of non-ketamine treatments too! Your doctor can help you choose the right treatment based on your medical history, the medications you’re taking, and your lifestyle. If you’re curious about ketamine therapy, then book a consultation. It’s an easy way to learn if the treatment is a good fit for you.

Learn More About Ketamine Therapy Today

Balanced Ketamine offers IV ketamine therapy for patients in the Kansas City area. Our treatment is safe, effective, and suitable for many different conditions. Ready to learn more about ketamine therapy? Call us today for more information.

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