Patient Experience

Junior’s Story: Battling Depression with the help of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Jul 27, 2021

Junior has had a completely transformative journey with ketamine infusion therapy, and today I will be telling you his story. Junior struggled with severe depression and anxiety for a significantly prolonged time; multiple circumstances caused this feeling. Alongside depression and anxiety, Junior was also battling suicidal thoughts and self-doubts. There were many times where he […]

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Ketamine Infusion Therapy – Taking Life Out of Depression

Jul 7, 2021

It seemed that I was surrounded by darkness; dragged deeper into the hole of depression every passing day, losing hope by every flickering minute, and feeling myself fade away every ticking second. Depression had been a constant in my life, but it had never gotten this bad. My father had passed away unexpectedly at the start of the year, and I had been in the denial phase for about a month until it finally hit me: he was no longer there.

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