Bipolar disorder is a common- but often misunderstood- mental health condition. Shifting moods are the most common symptom. However, patients with untreated bipolar disorder aren’t just moody- they are dealing with chemical imbalances in the brain. Ketamine therapy has been shown to be helpful in treating these patients. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of using ketamine for bipolar treatment.

Common Treatment Options

Bipolar disorder is usually treated with drugs, such as mood stabilizers or anti-depressants. While some patients have great success with these drugs, others still struggle. The pills can also produce side effects in some patients.

Why Use Ketamine For Bipolar Symptoms?

Ketamine therapy is becoming a popular treatment for Bipolar patients. Firstly, it is fast-acting. Patients are treated during a few quick sessions. Many begin to feel relief after one visit. Ketamine also doesn’t cause long-term side effects, which makes it a great option for patients who have struggled with that. However, the main reason that people choose ketamine is that it works. Many patients turn to ketamine therapy after not seeing results with pills.

Is It Right For Everyone?

Using the right treatment is the key to managing your Bipolar disorder. While this might be ketamine, it might be a different treatment. This will depend on your mental health history, your current medication plan, and other factors. Book a visit with us to learn more about ketamine and whether or not it’s the right pick for you.

Learn More

Choosing ketamine for bipolar treatment can be a scary process. At Balanced Ketamine, we are here to make the process as comfortable as possible. We go over every patient’s history to make sure they are choosing the best treatment for their needs. Our knowledge and personalized approach will help you feel confident in your treatment. Ready to schedule your first appointment? Call us today or click the link above.

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