If you are thinking about Ketamine therapy, then you are probably concerned about the cost. Does medicare cover ketamine infusions? What about private insurance? How will I afford it? In this article, we’ll explain how patients can afford ketamine therapy. We understand that these topics can be stressful, so let’s break them all down:

Does Medicare Cover Ketamine Infusions?

Medicare makes a lot of services more affordable for Americans. But does medicare cover ketamine infusions? Unfortunately, it does not at this time. However, this will hopefully change in the future. Plus, medicare might cover some other non-infusion parts of your treatment.

What About Private Insurance?

Most private insurance companies will only cover ketamine as an anesthetic, which means ketamine therapy does not qualify. However, there are other parts of the process, such as visits with the doctor and medical monitoring, which may be covered. We will work with your insurance company to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Is Ketamine Therapy Worth It?

This is the big question. If ketamine treatment isn’t covered by my insurance, is it even worth it? We understand that you might want to try a treatment that is covered by your insurance first. However, ketamine therapy has been proven effective when other treatments have failed. We think that ketamine therapy is a great option for patients who have not found relief elsewhere.

Affording Ketamine Therapy

As a clinic, we work to make ketamine infusions affordable to as many people as possible. Our small team works directly with both patients and suppliers, which helps us keep treatment at a fair price. We also accept a wide variety of payment options and can even set up payment plans. Together, we will find a way for you to afford the pain relief you need.

Every Situation is Unique

Not sure if you can afford ketamine therapy? Give us a call. Every patient’s situation is different, which means the cost of therapy can vary from person to person. We would love to meet with you so that we can assess your needs and give you an accurate estimate for your treatment.

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