Ketamine has proven to be a very effective pain reliever. However, many patients are still nervous about this treatment. They fear the ketamine might be addictive, or that the treatment might have side effects. While high doses of ketamine might have negative effects, the ketamine dose for pain relief is different. Read on to learn more about the ketamine dose for pain.

Using Ketamine for Pain Relief

The ketamine dose for pain relief is very low. During your treatment, a healthcare provider will keep a close eye on you. They will ensure that you are taking the correct dosage of medication. While ketamine can produce unwanted effects, these are not seen in such low doses of the treatment.

Different Doses of Ketamine

There are different factors that will determine your ketamine dose. Your dose will be determined by your weight, medical history, and the condition being treated. Any other drugs that you are taking for pain relief will also be considered. (For instance, some people use ketamine alongside morphine, usually in a hospital setting).

Why Low Levels of Ketamine Work

Ketamine works by targeting multiple systems in your brain. It blocks pain receptors and also affects mobility. The result is pain relief and reduced anxiety. During your treatment, a doctor will give you the medication using an IV.

Why Ketamine Is Becoming a Popular Treatment Again

Ketamine was a popular anesthetic back in the mid-20th century. However, the drug fell out of fashion over time. Plus, ketamine developed a bad reputation at this time as a street drug. Today, ketamine is becoming popular in the medical world again. This is because it is very effective and can control pain without the use of opioids.

Learn More About Ketamine Therapy

Now that you know more about the ketamine dose for pain relief, you might be interested in trying this therapy for yourself. At Balanced Ketamine, we work to ensure every patient is comfortable with the entire infusion process. Still have questions? Call us or explore our website to learn more. When you’re ready to book your ketamine session, click the link above.

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