Ketamine infusions are a quick and easy way to find pain relief. But how many ketamine infusions do you need? Of course, the answer depends on a few different factors. Below, we’ll share the information you need to determine the right number of infusions for you.

Why Do You Need Multiple Infusions?

While ketamine infusions begin working immediately, the effects may be short-lived, especially when starting the treatment. Most patients turn to ketamine therapy to address chronic, severe pain. Because patients are struggling with intense symptoms, it can take several sessions for them to feel long-term relief.

How Many Ketamine Infusions Do You Need?

Patients should receive multiple treatment sessions for the best results. But how many ketamine infusions do you need? Of course, it depends on a variety of factors. Some patients will see results after only a couple of sessions, whereas others may need 10 or 12 infusions to find relief. Most patients need 6-8 sessions, which will be spaced out based on your specific type of pain.

Factors To Consider

The number of infusions you need isn’t just about the amount of pain you’re in. It’s also determined by your general health, your body composition, and also your medical history. Our team will evaluate you before you start therapy to choose the right number of infusions. We will also monitor you during your treatment so that we can make adjustments if needed.

Booking a Consultation

Still not sure if ketamine is right for you? Start by booking a consultation. During this appointment, we will evaluate your current and past health and also talk to you about your treatment goals. Together, we will explore your options so you can decide if ketamine is right for you. It’s a quick, no-obligation way to learn more about this pain relief.

Ketamine Infusions in Kansas City

Balanced Ketamine offers infusion treatments for depression, PTSD, chronic pain, and a variety of other conditions. We work with every patient on an individual basis to help them find the best pain relief for their exact needs. Don’t settle on your pain relief! Call us today to learn about a safe, effective, long-term treatment.

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