Ketamine reversal drugs can be life-saving for some people. However, the thought of needing these drugs can be very scary to patients who are receiving ketamine therapy. Is the drug dangerous? Is there a possibility of needing a ketamine reversal during treatment? To understand, you must first understand the difference between ketamine therapy and ketamine abuse. Below, we’ll explain the difference- and also tell you when ketamine reversal drugs are needed.

What is Ketamine Reversal?

Ketamine reversal is what happens when a patient has a ketamine overdose. Unlike other drugs, there is no one specific drug used for ketamine reversal. Patients may be offered a variety of drugs and/or other therapies based on their condition. However, it’s important to know that this is only necessary for someone who is abusing ketamine as a drug. Infusion therapy patients will not need this type of emergency treatment!

Ketamine Therapy Vs. Drug Abuse

Ketamine therapy is very different from ketamine that is used as a street drug. For one thing, therapeutic doses of the drug are much smaller and also expertly controlled. Of course, the treatment is also being used for pain relief, which means it plays a helpful- not harmful- role in the body. Therefore, ketamine therapy patients do not need to worry about drug overdoses or ketamine reversal.

Is Infusion Therapy Safe?

Infusion therapy is safe, legal, and also very effective. During your infusion therapy, small, therapeutic amounts of the drug are used to bring you pain relief. You will also be monitored before, during, and after your therapy to ensure that you are safe and well.

Finding Your Dose

Your ketamine dose is determined by a variety of factors, including your age, weight, overall health, and doses of other medications you may be taking. By considering a variety of factors, we are able to find a medication dose that is both effective and also safe.

Learn More About Ketamine Therapy Today

Balanced Ketamine offers infusion therapy to patients across the Kansas City area. We use safe, personalized, and controlled doses of ketamine for safe and effective pain relief. Ready to learn more? Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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