Ketamine therapy is a great way to manage your pain. However, many patients worry that the cost of ketamine therapy will be too expensive. Is the treatment actually worth the money? And are there cheaper alternatives available? Read on to learn more about the cost of ketamine therapy- and why it might be worth it for you.

Is Ketamine Therapy Expensive?

The cost of ketamine therapy is different for every individual. This is because different patients need different amounts of the drug, and will also need different numbers of treatment sessions. All of this will be discussed during your initial consultation.

What is Included in the Cost of Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy is administered using a small IV. The cost of your treatment not only includes the drug itself, but also the IV insertion and monitoring. Patients are also closely monitored after each treatment to check for side effects and assess the effectiveness of the drug. The price of your treatment will include the drug, the equipment needed, the medical supervision, as well as your aftercare.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

Ketamine therapy itself is not covered by insurance. However, certain parts of your treatment may be covered, such as your initial consultation. This will depend on your specific insurance, as well as on the type of condition you are treating. Therefore, be sure to talk with your insurance company before starting therapy.

Should I Choose a Cheaper Therapy?

Ketamine is just one type of pain relief available. Therefore, many patients wonder if they should simply choose a cheaper option. We understand that it’s tempting. However, it’s important to remember the benefits of ketamine. This treatment works almost instantaneously and offers pain relief when other treatments have failed. Plus, it usually has fewer side effects than other pain relief methods. For patients with chronic pain, it is usually worth it to pay for the best treatments.

Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain

Ketamine therapy helps patients live full lives, even with chronic pain. It’s an easy, convenient, and effective way to relieve your symptoms- even when other treatments have failed. Ready to learn more about ketamine therapy? Click here to book your consultation!

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