Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

Depression is a mood disorder that can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms. Although all people with depression experience it differently, it is often characterized as feelings of sadness and anger and symptoms such as reduced energy, inability to feel pleasure, and suicidal thoughts. It is frequently associated with anxiety, which results in irrational fear and worries that can significantly interfere with everyday activities. Anxiety can also cause physical symptoms such as restlessness, nausea, and heart palpitations. Both conditions often go hand in hand. While it is perfectly possible to experience either depression or anxiety alone, studies have shown that 50% of people with one condition also suffer from the other.

Treatment for depression and anxiety is often in antidepressants or treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). These solutions are often highly effective in relieving symptoms, but many patients have not found them successful. One relatively new treatment for depression and anxiety that has shown effective results is ketamine infusion therapy.

How Is anxiety treated with ketamine therapy?

Ketamine is a drug initially used as a medical anesthetic and has also shown successful results in treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The infusion treatment involves a carefully controlled dosage of the drug ketamine into the bloodstream. The substance targets the receptors in the brain responsible for stabilizing mood. As a result, pathways in the brain are restored, and your body is better able to produce dopamine, a chemical responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Ketamine and anxiety are inextricably linked. As a result, using Ketamine for anxiety has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing the onset of worries and fears resulting from anxiety. Patients often feel more positive, with fewer or less intense depressive symptoms. The treatment helps to stabilize mood and reduces the physical and mental effects of anxiety.
Ketamine for Depression and Anxiety

The benefits of ketamine treatment for depression and anxiety

  • Ketamine for anxiety and depression is effective:
    Medications and therapy treatments can often be a roll of the dice for those with depression and anxiety. What works for one person may not work for another. But ketamine infusion therapy is widely successful for both conditions.
  • Ketamine for anxiety and depression is fast-acting:
    The administration of Ketamine for anxiety involves a relatively short treatment compared to prescription medications and cognitive behavioral therapy, which can take months to be effective. Ketamine infusion for anxiety, on the other hand, is administered on a short cycle until symptoms subside.
  • Ketamine for anxiety and depression has no side effects:
    Many patients don’t respond well to prescription medications due to the adverse side effects. Ketamine infusion therapy avoids this complaint with no long-term side effects.
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