Ketamine for Migraines

Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by the onset of intense, debilitating headaches. In addition to this primary symptom, sufferers may also experience feelings of nausea, sensitivity to light, difficulties with speech, and in some cases, the appearance of light flashes or bright spots in their vision. Migraine headaches can happen to anyone, but they are more common among women than men. There is no definitive cause for migraine, but a family history of the condition is a particular risk factor. Factors such as stress, dehydration, and hormone changes can all trigger migraine headaches.

Treatment options for migraines

There is no cure for migraines, but there are various treatments that sufferers can use to manage them and relieve the symptoms.
  • Prescription medications may be diagnosed to alleviate pain and reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks.
  • Hormone therapy can control many of the symptoms of hormonal changes, such as those during menopause. In many cases, this can be effective at reducing migraine symptoms.
  • Lifestyle changes such as stress management, calming techniques, and meditation may reduce symptoms.
Ketamine for Migraines

Although these treatments can be effective, they are limited in their capabilities and do not provide a magic cure. They may mitigate the frequency and intensity of migraine symptoms, but they do not completely eliminate the problem, nor are they effective in all cases. In addition, some medications may produce adverse side effects that are more unpleasant than the migraine headaches themselves. But there is one treatment shown to be particularly efficacious in reducing the severe pain associated with migraine headaches: ketamine infusion therapy.

The science behind Ketamine for migraines

Ketamine infusion therapy is a form of drug treatment used to combat chronic pain and mood disorders such as bipolar and depression. It works by intravenously injecting a controlled dosage of the drug ketamine into the patient’s bloodstream over a series of short treatment sessions. Ketamine targets the NMDA receptor in the brain, which is responsible for modulating pain. The treatment has shown effective results in relieving the excruciating pain experienced by migraine sufferers and allowing them to continue their lives more comfortably. Ketamine for migraines is perfect for patients who have tried other treatments without success.

Does Ketamine for migraines work?

Using Ketamine for migraines has proven results. A 2016 study showed ketamine infusion therapy for migraine treatment to be a highly successful method of treating painful symptoms in all patients. Even for sufferers of particularly stubborn migraines, the intense pain and frequency of headaches were reduced to a great degree. Medications and other treatment options require a commitment of several weeks or months and may not even be effective in the end. The process of administering Ketamine for migraines requires a few short infusion sessions until symptoms are relieved. This usually occurs before the third session but is often sooner. Migraine medicines often produce unwanted side effects, but ketamine infusion therapy has none. Patients report reduced symptoms and increased comfort as a result, with no lingering after-effects.

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