Ketamine For PTSD Treatment

Post-traumatic stress disorder (also known as PTSD) can feel unbearable. Sufferers deal with a range of both mental and also physical symptoms. Some of these are severe enough to disrupt a person’s whole life. But luckily, treatments do exist. Below, we will explore ketamine therapy for PTSD relief.

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a mental condition that can occur after a person experiences a trauma. While PTSD is a common problem for combat veterans, it can happen to people who have faced many different types of traumatic events. PTSD sufferers deal with severe anxiety, nightmares, and unwanted thoughts related to the trauma they lived through. They can also deal with flashbacks and physical symptoms due to the extreme distress.

How Is This Disorder Treated?

There are many different treatments for PTSD. However, every patient responds differently to these. For some, seeing a therapist or attending support groups is enough to help them manage the PTSD. Other patients will need medications to handle anxiety and depression symptoms. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment because every person’s trauma is unique.

Choosing Ketamine For PTSD

Some patients with PTSD do not find relief using traditional treatment methods. Other patients choose not to take anti-depressants or other medications because they are afraid of the side effects. Ketamine therapy is a newer treatment for PTSD. It provides quick relief for patients in a safe and supportive environment. While some patients use ketamine infusions on their own, most combine them with therapy or group support for added relief.

Are you considering Ketamine for PTSD?

Ketamine therapy has many benefits for patients. But of course, we know every person with PTSD has different needs. If you are interested in this therapy, then give our team a call. We will evaluate your symptoms and help you choose the right treatment plan for your unique situation. Call 913-336-1465 to learn more.