Migraine is a debilitating neurological disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by severe headaches, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. While there are several treatment options available, some individuals continue to experience chronic migraines despite these treatments.

Fortunately, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a promising new approach for complex migraine. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for complex migraines and what patients can expect during treatment.

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy involves the administration of a low dose of ketamine through an IV line. Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug that has been used for many years to provide pain relief during surgeries.

More recently, it has been found to have therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions, including depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

How Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Help with Complex Migraine?

Ketamine works by blocking NMDA receptors in the brain, which are responsible for transmitting pain signals.

By blocking these receptors, ketamine can provide relief from chronic pain, including migraines. Additionally, ketamine can reduce inflammation in the brain, which is believed to contribute to the development of migraines.

What Are the Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Complex Migraine?

There are several benefits to using Ketamine Infusion Therapy for complex migraine, including:

  • Rapid Relief: Ketamine Infusion Therapy can provide rapid relief from migraine symptoms, with many patients reporting a reduction in pain within hours of the infusion.
  • Long-lasting Results: Unlike traditional migraine medications that provide temporary relief, Ketamine Infusion Therapy can provide long-lasting results for many patients. Some patients report a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of their migraines for several weeks or even months after the infusion.
  • Non-addictive: Ketamine is not an addictive drug and has a low potential for abuse. This makes it a safer alternative to traditional migraine medications, which can be highly addictive and can have serious side effects.
  • Fewer Side Effects: Compared to traditional migraine medications, Ketamine Infusion Therapy has fewer side effects. The most common side effect is mild dissociation, which typically resolves within a few hours of the infusion.

What Can Patients Expect During Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Complex Migraine?

Patients who undergo Ketamine Infusion Therapy for complex migraine can expect the following:

  • Evaluation: Prior to the infusion, patients will undergo a thorough medical evaluation to ensure that they are good candidates for the treatment.
  • Preparation: Patients will receive an IV line through which the ketamine will be administered. They will be monitored closely throughout the infusion to ensure that they are safe and comfortable.
  • Infusion: The ketamine infusion typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour. During this time, patients may experience mild dissociation, which is a feeling of detachment from reality. This is a normal side effect of ketamine and usually resolves shortly after the infusion is complete.
  • Recovery: After the infusion, patients will be monitored for a period of time to ensure that they are safe to leave. They will need to arrange for a ride home as they may still feel slightly disoriented.
  • Follow-up: Patients will typically require multiple infusions to achieve the desired results. The frequency of the infusions will depend on the severity of their migraines and how they respond to the treatment.

Summing Up

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a promising new approach for complex migraines that offers rapid relief and long-lasting results. It is a safe, non-addictive alternative to traditional migraine medications and has fewer side effects.

Patients who undergo Ketamine Infusion Therapy can expect to experience mild dissociation during the infusion, but this usually resolves shortly after the treatment.

It is important to note that Ketamine Infusion Therapy is not a cure for migraines, but rather a treatment that can provide significant relief for those who suffer from chronic migraines.

If you are considering Ketamine Infusion Therapy for complex migraines, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider at Balanced Ketamine who is experienced in administering the treatment. We can provide you with more information about the benefits and risks of the treatment and help you determine if it is the right option for you just call us to book an appointment at (913) 871-9888.

Overall, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is an exciting development in the treatment of complex migraines. With its ability to provide rapid relief and long-lasting results, it has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for those who suffer from chronic migraines.

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