Ketamine is an anesthetic drug that has blown up in the medical market for its redeeming qualities. Research has shown its strong grip on reversing intense feelings of pain. Due to this, most therapists have adopted ketamine infusion therapy for treating cases of severe depression and anxiety. The results, proven to be fruitful, have shown a significant change in those suffering from suicide ideation. But does that mean ketamine therapy is the ultimate answer? Does it erase all thoughts of suicide? In order to find out the true potential of this miracle anesthetic, keep reading this blog.

Suicide Ideation

Suicide ideation is a state of mind that is triggered by major depressive episodes. It’s when a person has continuous thoughts about committing suicide. Their state of mind might be completely tilted due to the darkness consuming them, preventing them from pursuing other daily activities.

Severe depression tends to cloud the cognitive department of the brain, leading to harmful thoughts of suicide. The person might believe that they are better off not living, as that would take away their pain. However, that is not true. They might be stuck in their own head, feeling trapped and unsure of the world, but help is always out there.

A person dealing with suicidal ideation might start planning their death or talk excessively about it. You might notice them behave erratically as well, but while these actions may appear risky to them, it is a way of saying goodbye.

How Does Ketamine Work?

When it comes to mental health diagnosis and treatment, ketamine works as an antidepressant. Its effects soothe the brain and alleviate pain altogether. Since it is commonly administered through an intravenous needle, the results are much faster.

Upon reaching your bloodstream, ketamine travels to the NMDA receptors in the brain and effectively puts a halt to them. This causes a temporary block in memory and emotion formation, as the receptors do not convey messages from the body to the brain. However, this process is only active for a short period of time, pulling the individual out of their suicidal stupor and instantly relaxing them.

Ketamine for Suicide Prevention

According to studies and research, ketamine infusion has proven to be a viable source of treatment for people dealing with suicide ideation. The benefits, albeit temporary, can uplift the individual suppressed under such cataclysmic thoughts.

In most cases, ketamine infusion therapy is most effective when administered to medically hospitalized patients who have undergone a suicide attempt. Nevertheless, it is important to seek help in time. All it takes is a leap of faith at the right time to avoid falling into a cycle of despair. Ketamine therapy has worked wonders for people in all stages of life. Be it those with high, low, or moderate suicidal ideation, which is why therapists all around the world rave about its life-changing effects.

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