Ketamine therapy is becoming a popular treatment for mental health conditions. But does this therapy work, or is it simply a placebo effect? While ketamine is relatively new for mental health treatment, the science is clear: it’s safe, easy to use, and very effective. Read on to learn about this evidence-based treatment for depression.

Is Your Treatment Working?

Unfortunately, depression is a common issue. This means that there are all sorts of treatments out there. And while some work wonderfully, others are simply snake oil. Medications, therapy, and even certain homeopathic treatments can all work for some patients. However, it’s important to ask a professional before choosing what you’ll try.

Choosing Evidence-Based Treatment For Depression

Finding an evidence-based treatment for depression is the only way to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective. Looking at evidence will also help you see potential side effects and other helpful information. You can research for treatment options yourself, or also ask your doctor to share evidence with you.

Ketamine Vs. Other Methods

Effective treatments include both ketamine therapy and traditional antidepressants. However, they are usually used in different ways. Medications are often the first line of defense for depressed patients. But of course, medications don’t always work. Ketamine has been shown to work for treatment-resistant depression, so it’s often recommended to patients who do not feel better with other solutions.

What The Science Says About Ketamine

You don’t need to take our word for it. In fact, you shouldn’t! While anecdotes can be helpful, only scientific data can truly tell you if a treatment works. Various studies have shown that ketamine is a fast-acting and effective depression treatment.

Learn More Today

At Balanced Ketamine, we offer evidence based treatment for depression, as well as other mental and physical issues. Our caring, supported staff members will walk you through the whole infusion process so that you feel comfortable before your IV is placed. We can also answer any questions beforehand so that you have the right information about treatment. Explore our website to learn more, then click the link above to request your appointment.

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