The treatments have proven Valuable and effective. The staff and facility are Comfortable and professional. I recommend this to anyone suffering from pain or depression.

My experience at Balanced Ketamine has been outstanding. I always feel so welcome and taken care of. I am finishing my Ketamine Infusion Treatment today, and I feel like it has helped my depression and my overall mood significantly. Thank you to all of the staff! You’re wonderful!

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for much of my adult life. I’ve tried probably 20-25 different anti-depressants with limited success. Once I tried ketamine after the 2nd treatment, I felt better, and the maintenance I’m on now has kept the depression at bay for the most part. It has changed my life for the better.

I firmly believe my depression has improved. The staff has been incredible in every way. Dr. Jaffri’s bedside manner has comforted me in moments of extreme duress. It isn’t as if life has stopped being challenging at times, but I feel that I have the strength to stay in the fight as I continue to progress in my recovery.

The quality of treatment was excellent. The headaches have dropped off signifiently. Anxiety and depresion are pretty stable. OCD The told takes a while longer to notice anything. The whole process has been easy, and I was nervous about this treatment because I have never done any IV treatmat before.

Well, life is tricky. At 40, I had everything I wanted, but I was miserable. I had a great job, a loving wife, fantastic friends. The skills I developed to be a success were making me cynical and nihilistic. I gave Ketamine a try, and the results have been fantastic. It was a needed “brain reboot” allowing me to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

My son came in when he was at the end of all hope with his depression. He was able to start Ketamine treatments the next morning instead of the normal protocol he was used to or waiting for help. He is on his 4th infusion, and the results are amazing. He is able to find hope in his life and is so much calmer and able to quiet his anxiety. The employees at this office are fantastic and make him feel very comfortable. They are understanding, friendly, and overall just great people. I would, and will be, recommending this office to anyone I feel could use help with anxiety and depression. I feel like they are a lifeline for my son.

Going into this process, I was a little skeptical, even after the first infusion. But then, that night, I noticed a drastic change. With each infusion, I have noticed more and more how my emotions are affecting me, and now I am having a much easier time processing them and moving on. My depression went from severe to very mild. Anxiety is no longer crippling, and desire to use any substance is diminished. All staff has been very nice and accommodating. 10/10 Recommend.

It allows me to multitask much better. The best way for me to describe what it does for me. It’s like my brain gets filled with sludge and slows down to the point it is difficult to function. The ketamine washes out all the sludge, and the next day, I’m back to multitasking and functioning at a high level.

I feel much happier. It is a way to feel more calm and less hopeless.

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