If you’re about to try ketamine therapy, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the procedure. And while it’s easy to find general information, many websites leave out details about the infusion experience. What does ketamine therapy feel like? What if I’m afraid of needles? Is it scary? Get the answers in the article below.

What Does Ketamine Therapy Feel Like?

So what does ketamine therapy feel like? Well, it depends on the person. Most people feel a sense of calmness, comfort, or relaxation wash over them during the infusion. Some people report feeling like they’re in a dreamy state, which might include feeling detached from the body, or feeling more connected and in tune with the body.

It’s important to remember that your ketamine dose is closely monitored and controlled by professionals. This means that you are fully conscious during your infusion and won’t feel “out of control”. If you feel anything negative during your infusion, speak up. Medical professionals are always present to make sure you have a positive experience.

Does the Needle Hurt?

This is a more common fear than you might realize. Many patients are afraid of needles and therefore avoid infusions. However, it’s important to know that the needles don’t hurt. They are very small and inserted by a professional. Plus, the calming effects of the ketamine make the treatment very comfortable.

What If I’m Nervous?

This is also common, especially before your first infusion. Luckily though, there is nothing to be nervous about. Infusions are safe, effective, and controlled by professionals. Try your best to come to your appointment with a calm and open mind. This will help you have the best experience possible. Still nervous? Speak up! Your practitioner is always there to help.

Learn More Before Starting Therapy

It’s completely normal to have questions about ketamine therapy, especially if you haven’t started your infusions yet. At Balanced Ketamine, we know that honest, transparent information is important to everyone who is seeking ketamine therapy. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a member of our team. You can also explore our website to learn more.

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