What to Expect

The Day Of Infusion

We ask that all patients receiving ketamine infusions refrain from eating for 6 hours prior to infusion. We recommend only drinking water or coffee, but without any added ingredients. Make sure to bring a driver with you to your procedure as the medication can cause mental fogginess, and driving is not suitable following infusion. We find that generally, patients who come to their appointments in a stress-free mental state experience the most benefit from their infusions. Also, if you use a CPAP, make sure to bring your CPAP to your appointment.

Our experienced staff will ensure that you are comfortable in our infusion suite prior to your infusion. We welcome patients to bring any comfort materials they may need. Genesis Pain Clinic also offers pillows, blankets, eye masks, and ear plugs to all patients receiving infusions in the event someone does not bring something of their own. During your infusion, you will be placed in a relaxing environment.

Risks of Ketamine Infusions
Nausea medication, called Zofran, will be given to you prior to receiving your treatment as in some cases, ketamine can cause nausea. While you are receiving the infusion, or staff and anesthesiologist will regularly monitor you to make sure you are tolerating the infusion well. Our staff is discreet and will monitor you without disturbing your infusion process to ensure that you stay as relaxed as possible. Total administration time is around 40 minutes.

Following your infusion, you will be monitored for forty minutes to ensure that no nausea or other side effects have set in from the infusion. As a principle and in the interest of your long-term care, we will communicate the success of your treatment to your psychiatrist and ensure that all necessary members of your care team are informed about the success of your infusion.

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