10th October 1992 — That was the first time the world came together to celebrate and shed light on the importance of mental health. Ever since then, the day has been cemented into history, garnering recognition on a global scale. Countries all over the world band together on this day to advocate for mental health rights, which has now become a universal standpoint.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) allotted a theme that not only brings different communities and sects closer but it also admonishes the rampant stigma around mental illness. The theme “Mental health is a universal human right.” focuses entirely on the wide spectrum of mental health and how all shades of blue deserve inclusion worldwide.

It is essential for developed and underdeveloped countries to collectively identify mental health as valid. Most people dealing with a mental disorder teeter on the edge of a serious breakdown. Your brain is fragile yet so incredibly powerful. That is why it is crucial for mental health to be regarded as such, too. Refusing to take a stand against mental health only silences the millions of people suffering in their day-to-day lives.

Not to mention, depending on the severity of the disorder, it can quickly turn into a disability, one that is often sidelined and ignored. Therefore, without proper guidelines or principles to address the paramount effects of a mental disorder, the world only takes a step back instead of progressing ahead as it should.

One of the key factors of Mental Health Awareness is to make quality care available to everyone. Balanced Ketaime takes charge in this domain. Our team values the importance of a stable and healthy mind, which is why we offer ketamine infusion therapy for the following specialized treatments:

However, it is important to keep in mind that treatment is not a facility everyone can afford. The purpose of World Mental Health Awareness Day, then, is specifically to voice out these concerns. No matter who the person is or where they are, everyone is entitled to a healthy mindset. They deserve a fair chance at life, to live peacefully and independently, free from the burdens pressing down on them.

Stealing someone’s right to live comfortably or discriminating against them because of poor mental health is a human rights violation. These practices must be eradicated and replaced with a more welcoming outlook. The journey starts from within yourself and the small actions a person takes to make a difference.

This year, it is your duty, as well as your basic human right, to fight for justice. Your mental health, along with the others in this world, depends on it. Whether you decide to embrace the differences or lend a comforting shoulder to those in need, every small act pays its due forward. So, remember to celebrate the polarities of this world and demand the integration of the belief that mental health is a universal human right for people all around.

How Can Balanced Ketamine Help?

Balanced Ketamine is an active advocate for mental health and providing care for those suffering in need. If you or your loved one requires help, reach out to us by dialing (913) 871-9888 or visit us at 6700 W 121st St Ste 300 A1, Overland Park, KS 66209, United States.

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